• MeraSweet 1200 Tablets


    MeraSweet® is a low calorie sweetener that is a healthier alternative to sugar and suitable for diabetic patients. MeraSweet® have the sweetness of a teaspoon of sugar (4.4g) but contains 1000x Less calories.

    • Low-Calorie Sweetener
    • Healthy alternative to sugar
    • Suitable for Diabetics
  • Nurse Harvey’s Colex


    Nurse Harvey’s Colex is a food supplement containing herbal oils. Nurse Harvey’s Colex that was specially designed with a cover-cap system is produced especially for children.

  • Nurse Harvey’s Imujet


    Nurse Harvey’s Imujet is an Orange-flavored immunity boosting syrup for children. Imujet Supports the immune system and reduces the risk of catching diseases, while also increasing kids appetite.

  • Nurse Harvey’s Kooh


    Nurse Harvey’s Kooh is a Raspberry-flavoured cough syrup used to treat cough symptomsin toddlers and children. Kooh contains natural active ingredients and is considered safe for use from 1 year old.

  • Nurse Harvey’s Dentigel


    Nurse Harvey’s Dentigel® is a care gel specially developed for the teeth and gums of children under the age of 3 years, containing natural herbal extracts.

  • Nurse Harvey’s Buzzyderm


    Nurse Harvey’s Organic Buzzyderm is an after-bite cooling body gel that is developed with natural herbal oils to be applied by babies, children and adults. 99% of the total contents is from natural sources, 94% is organic.

  • Nurse Harvey’s Organic Baby Shampoo


    Hair and Body Shampoo for Babies, in addition to cleaning your baby during bathing, it is also important to protect the sebum balance of the skin. Degradation of pH and moisture balance can cause serious problems especially for babies with sensitive skin structure. Nurse Harvey’s Organics protects your baby’s hair and body while gently cleansing your baby’s body. By this way, it prevents skin reactions that can occur. Organic ingredients help eliminate previously formed skin problems.

  • Nurse Harvey’s Organic Baby Oil


    Body Oil for Babies, It forms a protective and moisturizing layer on your baby’s skin. It makes your massage easier. The natural structure of the oils in its ingredients makes them absorbed easily by the skin and to affect deeper skin layers, this way, it can protect the moistened skin in a long and effective way.

  • Nurse Harvey’s Organic Body Lotion


    Body Lotion for Babies. Moisture is very important for babies’ skin. Dryness causes the baby to itch and feel uncomfortable. Nurse Harvey’s Organics Body Lotion ensures that your baby is moisturized quickly and for a long time. It penetrates deeply into deeper skin layers, helping to relieve skin irritation, redness and other reactions, and provides relief. It creates a soft and smooth texture on the skin.

  • Sanosan Nipple Salve


    Sanosan mama Nipple Salve consists of 100% pure, natural lanolin and was developed especially to soothe sensitive, sore nipples. Perfect during pregnancy and breastfeeding! The salve contains no colourants or fragrances.

  • Sanosan Care Cream


    Baby Care Cream

    With natural milk protein – the best from milk for healthy baby skin. Rich, nourishing cream for babies’ skin – from head to toe. Right from the start. With moisturisers of natural origin, skin-friendly allantoin and nourishing shea butter. 24 h moisturising effect.

  • Sanosan Anti Stretch Mark


    Anti Stretch Mark Cream. With a special collagen-elastin complex – keeps your skin supple and helps to prevent stretch marks.

  • Sanosan Stretch Mark Fader


    Top product for the time after pregnancy. With the formulation of SynMatTM, sanosan Stretch Mark Fader has shown to reduce the average depth of stretch marks by 72% after 2 months’ use*. The stretch marks fade (colour -21%), become smoother (roughness -21%) and their width decreases (-26%). SynMatTM is a combination of a phaseolus lunatus extract (lima bean extract), rutin (to counteract activated immune system cells) and two peptides (to promote the repair of the damaged extracellular matrix).

  • Sanosan Sun Cream


    Sun Cream

    Reliably protects your baby’s delicate skin against sunburn as soon as it is applied. It is also especially kind to the skin, thus preventing long-term skin damage. The formula with valuable skin care ingredients such as organic olive extract, panthenol and vitamin E moisturizes the skin and protects it from drying out. The formula does not contain parabens or paraffin oil.

  • Smooth SUPER® Condom


    Smooth SUPER® Condom

    SUPER® condoms are designed for pleasure and total reliability. Made from natural rubber latex, each condom is electronically tested to provide maximum protection and assurance.

  • Dotted SUPER® Condom


    Dotted SUPER® Condom

    SUPER® condoms are designed for pleasure and total reliability. Made from natural rubber latex, each condom is electronically tested to provide maximum protection and assurance.

  • Ribbed SUPER® Condom


    Ribbed SUPER® Condom

    SUPER® condoms are designed for pleasure and total reliability. Made from natural rubber latex, each condom is electronically tested to provide maximum protection and assurance.

  • Delay SUPER® Condom


    Delay SUPER® Condom

    SUPER® condoms are designed for pleasure and total reliability. Made from natural rubber latex, each condom is electronically tested to provide maximum protection and assurance.

  • Flavored SUPER® Condom


    Flavored SUPER® Condom

    SUPER® condoms are designed for pleasure and total reliability. Made from natural rubber latex, each condom is electronically tested to provide maximum protection and assurance.

  • Medrull Aloe Vera Plasters


    Plasters with ALOE VERA extract. Plasters are made of a thin, microperforated 3-dimensional polymer material.

  • Medrull Aroma Patches “My little nose”


    Improve breathing during the night, provide relief for nasal congestions. The Aroma Patch is an adhesive dressing impregnated with balsamic essences: Mentha piperita, Pinus sylvestris, Eucalyptus globulus essential oils. It is used to improve breathing and relieve the discomfort caused by nasal obstruction, especially at night.

  • Medrull Corn Removal Plasters


    PROTECTIVE CORN PLASTERS soft and gentle to the skin. Reduce pain by minimizing footwear pressure on the corn.

  • Medrull Cosmetic Patches for Cracked Heels


    Medrull Cosmetic Patches for Cracked Heels act on the thickened cracked skin. Smooths the skin through the ingredient PAPAIN, a natural by-product of Papaya juice, which starts up a natural skin regeneration process.

  • Medrull Hydrocolloid Blister Plasters


    Modern type of plasters – SMART plasters. These Hydrocolloid plasters will save you from having blisters.

  • Medrull Perfect Care Plasters


    Ideally transparent ultra thin film plasters will protect the wound and will be practically invisible on your skin.

  • Medrull Wart Patches


    Wart patches facilitate the removal of common and plantar warts as they adapt perfectly to the treatment area.

  • Lights One Touch Condom


    Do you prefer natural sensations? Then One Touch Lights condoms are exactly what you need! Light and thin for even greater sensitivity. Modern technology allows to achieve a substantial reduction in the wall thickness for ultimate comfort and quality.

  • Dotted One Touch Condom


    Try ONE TOUCH Dotted condoms with dotted surface! A plurality of protruding dots will provide additional stimulation and increase arousal. These condoms are specially designed to deliver an unforgettable experience while retaining the natural feel.

  • Ribbed One Touch Condom


    Would you like to increase stimulation and heighten sensations of both partners. Then use ONE TOUCH Ribbed condoms! Relief texture of condoms provides extra stimulation and an exclusive pleasure for both of you.

  • Extra-safe One Touch Condom


    You are not sure if regular condoms will withstand the pressure of your passion? Then use more durable One Touch Extra Safe condoms with increased lubricant quantity. Slightly thicker than Classic condoms for those who want reassurance and don’t want to sacrifice comfort.

  • Sale!

    Intensive Lifting Wrinkle Serum

    Original price was: ₪113.Current price is: ₪79.

    An innovative cosmetic designed for mature skin. The SYN-AKE peptide contained in the serum mimics the lifting effect of the viper venom. By loosening and inhibiting muscle contractions, it strongly reduces the facial expression wrinkles, prevents the deepening of existing wrinkles and occurrence of new ones.

  • Sale!

    Intensive Wrinkle Filler

    Original price was: ₪122.Current price is: ₪86.

    The LIFT UP EFFECT intense wrinkle filler is an innovative preparation with a strong anti-wrinkle effect. By using innovative technology, the preparation increases skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles from the inside.

  • Sale!

    Intensive Smooth Eye Elixir

    Original price was: ₪98.Current price is: ₪69.

    A velvety elixir effectively protects the delicate skin under the eyes against aging. The product prevents excessive water loss and evens out skin hydration. Makes dark circles under the eyes immediately less visible, and the skin more elastic and brighter.

  • Sale!

    Volume Lips Booster

    Original price was: ₪97.Current price is: ₪67.


    The revolutionary formula allows you to enjoy the spectacularly increased volume and shape of the lips quickly and safely.

  • Sale!

    Lip Injection Glass Glow

    Original price was: ₪93.Current price is: ₪67.

    An alternative to permanent lip enlargement. The preparation makes the lips acquire color, become firmer and blood circulation is stimulated. The innovative technology does not irritate, but smoothes and replenishes unattractive wrinkles around the lips.

  • Hair Growth Shampoo


    Contains a complex of active plant ingredients that reduces hair loss and stimulates their growth. In addition, the shampoo is enriched with aloe vera extract which stimulates hair growth and fights dandruff.

  • Hair Growth Mask


    A mask intended for hair with a tendency to fall out. Thanks to the combination of active plant ingredients it reduces hair loss, stimulates hair growth, and improves density.

  • Hair Growth Treatment


    Contains rapidity NEW-5Her™, i.e. a complex of active ingredients which stimulates hair follicle cells, slowing down the hair aging.

  • Hair & Scalp Peeling


    Recommended for all hair types. Thanks to the use of ground jojoba and apricot kernels, the peeling gently exfoliates dead skin, cleanses excess sebum and residues of styling cosmetics.

  • Hair Balance Shampoo


    Shampoo designed for daily cleansing and care of the scalp prone to irritation and dryness. Its formula restores the physiological balance of the scalp, soothing itching and moisturizing the scalp.

  • Hair Exfoliation Shampoo


    Shampoo designed for daily cleansing and care of sensitive scalp, oily and volume lacking hair. An effective formula with papain and hemp oil that restores the scalp balance, moisturizes, and has antibacterial properties.

  • Hair Shampoo with Activated Carbon


    Restores the scalp balance. Leaves hair cleansed, moisturized and full of shine. Black carbon attracts and absorbs dirt, and additionally has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Hair Conditioner with Activated Carbon


    Hair conditioner enriched with active carbon, natural extracts of aloe vera and white tea as well as panthenol and a complex of vitamins A, E and F.

  • Hair Mask with Activated Carbon


    Hair mask enriched with active carbon, and natural extracts of aloe vera and white tea. Nourishes and regenerates hair.

  • Nails Conditioner for Mycosis


    DermoFuture Precision nails conditioner is recommended for finger and toenails with Mycosis. The product contains carefully picked ingredients that penetrate deep into the nails.