• Nurse Harvey’s Colex


    Nurse Harvey’s Colex is a food supplement containing herbal oils. Nurse Harvey’s Colex that was specially designed with a cover-cap system is produced especially for children.

  • Nurse Harvey’s Imujet


    Nurse Harvey’s Imujet is an Orange-flavored immunity boosting syrup for children. Imujet Supports the immune system and reduces the risk of catching diseases, while also increasing kids appetite.

  • Nurse Harvey’s Kooh


    Nurse Harvey’s Kooh is a Raspberry-flavoured cough syrup used to treat cough symptomsin toddlers and children. Kooh contains natural active ingredients and is considered safe for use from 1 year old.

  • Nurse Harvey’s Dentigel


    Nurse Harvey’s Dentigel® is a care gel specially developed for the teeth and gums of children under the age of 3 years, containing natural herbal extracts.

  • Nurse Harvey’s Buzzyderm


    Nurse Harvey’s Organic Buzzyderm is an after-bite cooling body gel that is developed with natural herbal oils to be applied by babies, children and adults. 99% of the total contents is from natural sources, 94% is organic.

  • Nurse Harvey’s Organic Baby Shampoo


    Hair and Body Shampoo for Babies, in addition to cleaning your baby during bathing, it is also important to protect the sebum balance of the skin. Degradation of pH and moisture balance can cause serious problems especially for babies with sensitive skin structure. Nurse Harvey’s Organics protects your baby’s hair and body while gently cleansing your baby’s body. By this way, it prevents skin reactions that can occur. Organic ingredients help eliminate previously formed skin problems.

  • Nurse Harvey’s Organic Baby Oil


    Body Oil for Babies, It forms a protective and moisturizing layer on your baby’s skin. It makes your massage easier. The natural structure of the oils in its ingredients makes them absorbed easily by the skin and to affect deeper skin layers, this way, it can protect the moistened skin in a long and effective way.

  • Nurse Harvey’s Organic Body Lotion


    Body Lotion for Babies. Moisture is very important for babies’ skin. Dryness causes the baby to itch and feel uncomfortable. Nurse Harvey’s Organics Body Lotion ensures that your baby is moisturized quickly and for a long time. It penetrates deeply into deeper skin layers, helping to relieve skin irritation, redness and other reactions, and provides relief. It creates a soft and smooth texture on the skin.